OuR Grounds

Milt's Barn


Our Barn is rustic and old - built in 1898 - but gorgeous and unique in its own ways.

Parking/Camping Area


We have a large area on the back side of the barn used for the parking lot. One end of this area is reserved for camping. 

Fire Pit


A large fire pit outside of the barn is great for guest entertainment throughout the night. Create a s'more bar and enjoy a bonfire!

Ceremony Site


Our ceremony site is on the East side of the barn with a beautiful backdrop of the barn and greenery. Have a different vision? Let's talk! There are many places on our property where a ceremony could take place!

Groomsmen + Bridal Cabins


We have two cabins on site. Pictured here is "The Lodge" we consider this the groomsmen cabin. Behind this cabin is the "Bridal Cabin". Both buildings are great for getting ready and hanging out throughout the weekend.

Outdoor Barley Bar


An outdoor bar area is great for serving cocktails or snacks. This can be used for many different things and the possibilities are endless. It is also the designated smoking area if needed as there is no smoking allowed in the barn.

Rossco's Graindust Saloon


Another building on the property is the "grainery". Currently this building is not used for anything on the inside but makes a great photo-op or another great spot/deck to hang out on.

The Chapel


The Chapel on site was moved in to add to the wedding atmosphere. This is another great building for photo-ops or even a ceremony site!

Front Entrance and Yard


Milt's Barn has very spacious and gorgeous grounds. Lots of beautiful grass for yard games, kids to play, including the tire swing/play area, and more. We also have two full bathrooms attached to the outside of the barn.